After an unfortunate cancellation in 2020 we had another excellent race of MR54!  A humid day knocked out more runners than ever before (20 DNF’s) and generally kicked everyone’s ass however some runners excelled.  The top two women battled it out to the very end actually being in sight of each other on the road with first time runner Veronica Leeds edging out former champ Kehr Davis in by 1:30 to take it in 14:11:06.  Another first time runner Daniel Grip threw down a rare sub-11 hour finish (10:58:16) for the win beating Justin Kousky by around 7 minutes.
Something else we love to see is a bunch of Manitou’s veterans posting PR’s like Sean Salmon (6 finishes!) in 18:18:44, and Ivan Milan (3) in 14:44:34, Josh Burns (3) in 12:58:07, Daniel Sclafani (3) in 14:30:25, and Alan Young (3) in 15:05:34.  Congrats to you all!
Here are the results along with the splits to the aid stations.