Congratulations to Sheryl Wheeler (13:46)



and Brian Rusiecki (11:51)


for winning this years Manitou’s Revenge.

Thanks Katharine Varn Hawkins for the photos

It was a year of weather ups and downs as severe as the course profile.  Conditions were perfect in the morning and stayed cool throughout the day allowing many runners to come in with PR’s and very speedy times.  There were 24 sub-16 hr finishers (9pm) which normally means they finish in daylight on the longest day of the year, but this year was different.  Early afternoon drizzle turned into late afternoon rain making it dark and nasty in the woods by 8pm.  These showers turned into heavy rain and thunderstorms for those hearty souls on the course late into the evening and early morning hours. Thankfully everyone finished with no more than bumps and bruises from the extremely slippery rocks and roots in the pitch black night.  Huge thanks to all volunteers, aid station workers, sweeps, and sponsors!!   Manitou’s Revenge continues to be one of the most difficult 50 milers in the country!!


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