We had a very successful inaugural Manitou’s Revenge. Sunny skies, good temp’s, and (mostly) good trail conditions helped 48 out of 59 starters finish this beast. The times ranged from just under 12 hours to almost 23. It took everyone far longer to negotiate the last 25 miles of the race that included the infamous Devil’s Path than it did to run the first 31 miles that included most of the famed Escarpment Trail Race. The top 5 across the line were the youngest in the field and yet we had 4 finishers in their 60’s!!! Also an interesting note, no women dropped from the race. Since sunset on Saturday was around 8:35 and it was twilight until 9:10 or so, there were 10 finishers that came into Phoenicia without the use of headlamps. Speaking of next year, the tentative date for Manitou’s Revenge 2014 is June 21-22. Great job to all participants and aid station workers, volunteers, crews, pacers, sweeps, etc. See ya in the mountains.

Results posted with splits. Times are elapsed time from start.

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