2019 – Manitou’s VII

Probably the best weather year we’ve had but muddy trails kept the times under control.  105 runners finished the whole course in an average time of 17:06 with probably our highest number of runners getting in without the use of a headlamp.  Well done folks!

Kelly MacDonald learned form her 2nd place finish last year to take the win for the women in 13:40 improving her time by a half hour.  Ben Nephew took the overall win for the second time in 11:25. Congratulations to both of you and all finishers of this beast of a race!


Thanks and congratulations to all of the finishers at this years Manitou’s Revenge!  The weather stayed manageable to allow for many PR’s and fast times on a day that was looking potentially terrible.  Kehr Davis three-peated as champ in 13:49:15 and while some people were talking CR at WS100, the real story was Andy Vermilyea holding onto the lead this year to win and set a new course record in 10:47:21.  He bested the old mark of 10:50.

We had an all time high of 104 finishers with 39 of them coming in before it got dark.  Well done!!


The fifth running of Manitou’s Revenge Ultra is in the books.  Conditions were difficult, with near 100% humidity all day, on and off rain and fog, and slick, slippery rocks and slimy ledges.  Kudos to Kehr Davis for easily defending her title in 13:30, while Debbie Livingston was second in 14:41 and Melanie Boultbee was third in 15:47.  In the men’s race, Ben Nephew prevailed with an exciting finish over Andy Vermilyea, breaking away for good in the last rocky downhill.  Ben’s time of 10:57 is the second fastest for this course.  Andy was second in 10:59, while Adam Russell was third in 12:02.  Congrats to all 83 runners that completed the course this year, you surely earned your finish!!

Race Reports:

From Jim McCaffrey

From Tim Aquino

From Tom Dehaan (5-time finisher)

Video from Erin McDougall’s pacer

From Mike Siudy

From Ben Nephew

From Ryan Thorpe


Another Manitou’s Revenge in the books!  72 out of 95 starting runners finished the course this year with 25 of them breaking the 16 hour benchmark time of “I don’t need no stinking headlamp!”  Clear skies and a strong Sun led to warm conditions but fortunately runners had extremely dry trails and low humidity to help balance out the heat.

Huge congratulations to Kehr Davis and Carlo Agostinetto for their stellar performances this year!   Kehr ran unchallenged to victory in 13:47:14 while Carlo passed Brian Rusiecki in the final miles to win in 11:16:40.  Congrats to the rest of the runners as well!  Click here for results with Manitou Results with splits 2016 and click here for Relay Results 2016.

Once again, we could not have done this without the help of our amazing volunteer crews, hauling insane amounts of water and food to our 8 aid stations, our sweeps that kept the lingering runners safe, and our sponsors that allow us to offer a safe, challenging event with great value.

One more note.  There have been 8 three time and 7 four time finishers of Manitou’s Revenge.  Some people just can’t get enough of this madness!!  Of those that have run every year, Sheryl Wheeler has the (incredible!) fastest average time of 14:36:55.   Tom DeHaan has the second best average of 15:50:57.  Amazing endurance!  Here’s a link to all of the finish times for the data nerds out there.

Photos from runners and spectators:

From Joe Cloidt

From Paul Fost

Race Reports:

From Amy Hanlon


Congratulations to Sheryl Wheeler (13:46) and Brian Rusiecki (11:51) for winning this years Manitou’s Revenge.  It was a year of weather ups and downs as severe as the course profile.  Conditions were perfect in the morning and stayed cool throughout the day allowing many runners to come in with PR’s and very speedy times.  There were 24 sub-16 hr finishers (9pm) which normally means they finish in daylight on the longest day of the year, but this year was different.  Early afternoon drizzle turned into late afternoon rain making it dark and nasty in the woods by 8pm.  These showers turned into heavy rain and thunderstorms for those hearty souls on the course late into the evening and early morning hours. Thankfully everyone finished with no more than bumps and bruises from the extremely slippery rocks and roots in the pitch black night.  Huge thanks to all volunteers, aid station workers, sweeps, and sponsors!!   Manitou’s Revenge continues to be one of the most difficult 50 milers in the country!!


Race Reports and Photos:
Martha Nelson’s Race Report
Ben Murphy’s Race Report
Tim Connelly’s Race Report
Photos by Joe Azze of Mountain Peak Fitness
Ken Posner’s Race Report

Peter Preston’s Willow Aid Station Report

Amy Hanlon’s Race Report

Eric Aditya’s Race Report

Jeney Wierman’s Race Report

2015 Manitou’s Revenge video by Mountain Peak Fitness


Manitou 2014 was every bit as successful as the inaugural year. The weather was nearly perfect and less hot and humid than last year. There were 68 official finishers out of 88 starters (with relay teams counted as one runner). The course was about 2 miles shorter this year, since we were able to avoid running on roads after leaving Platte Clove aid station. Times were expected to be faster, but no one expected them to be a whole hour faster. Jan Wellford won a hard fought men’s race in 10:50, defeating Ben Nephew, Brian Rusiecki and Ryan Welts. Ashley Lister easily won the women’s race for the second year in a row with a time of 12:37. Many more runners finished during daylight hours. The aid station people and sweeps were terrific and buoyed the spirits of the runners. Next year’s race will be held on June 20-21, 2015. Registration will open up on Feb. 1.

2014 Manitou’s Revenge results with splits


Race Reports and Photos:
Ashley Lister’s Race Report

Ben Nephew’s Race Report (contains video of climb up Indian Head)

Jan Wellford’s Race Report

Cole Crosby’s Race Report

Video of the Beginning Miles by Joe Azze

Video of the Top Finishers by Joe Azze

Video of Ben Nephew and Brian Rusiecki climbing Indian Head by Joe Azze

Photos by Joe Azze

Race Report by Nathan Szabados

Great Race Video by Joe Azze of Mountain Peak Fitness

Photos by Katherine Varn Hawkins

Race Report by Adam Wilcox

Race Report by Carlo Agostinetto

Race Report by Eric Aditya


We had a very successful inaugural Manitou’s Revenge. Sunny skies, good temp’s, and (mostly) good trail conditions helped 48 out of 59 starters finish this beast. The times ranged from just under 12 hours to almost 23. It took everyone far longer to negotiate the last 25 miles of the race that included the infamous Devil’s Path than it did to run the first 31 miles that included most of the famed Escarpment Trail Race. The top 5 across the line were the youngest in the field and yet we had 4 finishers in their 60’s!!! Also an interesting note, no women dropped from the race. Since sunset on Saturday was around 8:35 and it was twilight until 9:10 or so, there were 10 finishers that came into Phoenicia without the use of headlamps. Speaking of next year, the tentative date for Manitou’s Revenge 2014 is June 21-22. Great job to all participants and aid station workers, volunteers, crews, pacers, sweeps, etc. See ya in the mountains.

Results posted with splits. Times are elapsed time from start.

Race Reports and Photos:
Ryan Welts’ Race Report

Ashley Moyer’s Race Report

Denis Mikhaylov’s Race Report

Harry Hamilton’s Race Report

Video from Mountain Peak Fitness

Dovid Fein’s Race Report

Larry Creveling’s Race Report

Photos from Katherine Varn Hawkins

Photos from Mountain Peak Fitness

More photos, reports and comments on our Facebook page

Photos by Richard Frantz at N-S Lake

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