Qualification and Registration 2022

Qualification for the 2022 Manitou’s Revenge 54 miler:

-Since this is an extremely tough race we have minimum qualification standards.  In order to apply to run Manitou’s, you must have run another trail/mountain 50 miler or longer within the time limits for that course and within the last two years; however, not all courses are equal, so qualification is at the race director’s discretion.  We will accept a Manitou’s finish back to 2019 as well.  We have had a couple of requests to accept runners without a prior trail/mountain 50 miler.  WE WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY EXCEPTIONS to this policy this year.

You will provide this information during the application process.  If you are unsure if your prior races qualify or have other questions you can email Charlie at willow333@earthlink.net.

Registration will be a bit different than in years past for a number of reasons.

-We have had a massive increase in interest over the past couple of years.

-We want to allow multiple year runners the opportunity to continue to run, along with giving first time runners a good chance to get in.  

-Therefore, we are utilizing a weighted lottery system to make things as fair as possible.   Here’s how it will work…

  1. Sometime in early 2022 you can go to ultrasignup to enter your name into a lottery.   This lottery window will remain open for 2 weeks or so.

  2. Once we receive our permit we will hold a lottery drawing to select runners.

  3. This lottery will favor runners who have completed Manitou’s before.

  • Runners with all 8 finishes plus last years podium finishers (there are 9 total) skip the lottery and are automatically accepted if they choose to run.

  • All applicants will start out with 1 ticket towards the lottery.

  • Previous finishers will receive 1 additional ticket for each sub-24 hour finish.

  • As an example, a runner with 2 finishes will receive 3 tickets.

  • Significant volunteer contributions (sweep, aid station captain) will also receive an extra ticket upon request.

4. Runners selected in the lottery will be charged and added to the registered list.

5. There will be no refunds or deferrals once you are a confirmed registrant.


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