Course Maps

I have been playing with a really nice free web program named Caltopo.  It has allowed me to generate a pdf map with race info on it that you can import into a smart phone and use fro tracking yourself during the race.

1. Download the free app available called Avenza PDF maps onto your smartphone.

2. Open this page on your smartphone.

3. Click this link “whole course“.

4. Upload the PDF map.  On an iPhone it is the button that is a box with an up arrow.

5.  Avenza will import the map.  When you are on the course, a little blue dot will show you where you are.  Now you won’t get (too) lost.

This is the Caltopo page where you can see the whole map, zoom in and out, etc.  By clicking the “Export” tab, you can also download the GPS track for the entire Manitou’s Revenge course and upload it to a GPS watch/device or onto purchasable high quality NY/NJ trail conference maps through the Avenza app.

Lots of great technological options.  Unfortunately (or fortunately??), I haven’t come across anything that makes the course easier!!!!