Course Maps

I have been playing with a really nice free web program named Caltopo.  It has allowed me to generate some pdf maps with race info on them that you can print out.  The resolution is OK but not as good as the NY/NJ trail conference maps.  There is a second option that is better.  There is a free app available called Avenza PDF maps.  There is a QR code on the bottom of each of these 3 Caltopo map pdf links that when scanned will automatically import the map into the app.  Follow these steps: (for iphone, I don’t know how the android phones look but I assume it is similar)

  1. Click and open “part 1“.  A pdf will be downloaded to your computer.  Open it.
  2. Download and open the app to the “maps” page on your phone.
  3. Touch the “+” in the upper right.
  4. Touch “from QR code”
  5. Scan QR code from each map right off the computer screen.  No need to print unless you want a hard copy too.
  6. Repeat for part 2.

The app will track your position with GPS while your phone stays in airplane mode to save battery life.  As long as you are following the red line, you’re on the course.  I split the course into 2 sections to keep the resolution quality responsible.  There is a file for the whole course at lower resolution.

Part 1    Part 2      whole course

This is the Caltopo page where you can see the whole map, zoom in and out, etc.  By clicking “open in Caltopo”, you can actually generate your own PDF maps at whatever scale you want.  Go to “print”, “print to pdf”, adjust the size and click “generate PDF”.  Using this link you can also download the GPS track for the entire Manitou’s Revenge course and upload it to a GPS watch/device or onto purchasable high quality NY/NJ trail conference maps through the Avenza app.

Lots of great technological options.  Unfortunately (or fortunately??), I haven’t come across anything that makes the course easier!!!!