Lodging, Directions and Crew Directions


Catskill Rose-( https://www.catskillrose.com/#book-a-room.html) from $100- $130
/night. 4 nice, clean rooms, restaurant as well.
Located in Mt Tremper. 4 miles from finish

Phoenicia Belle-( http://www.phoeniciabelle.com/rooms.html)
from $100-$160/ night.  4 or 5 rooms, cute B$B located in town.
Walking distance from finish.

Phoenicia Lodge ( http://www.phoenicialodge.com/rates.htm) $70/night
Clean, nice rooms, .5 miles from finish, out on 28.

The Graham and Co. (http://thegrahamandco.com/amenities/).
$175-$250/ night. Walking distance to town, newly redone motel with
20 rooms. Outdoor pool. Free town bike with room rental.

Kate’s Lazy Meadow ( http://www.lazymeadow.com/index.php?page=lazy-meadow
$175- $300/ night. Owned by B52 singer Kate Pierson. A little more
expensive , but super chic and cool. Located on rt 28 about 4.5 miles
from finish.

Simpler Times Cabin (http://simplertimescabins.net/) $65- $130/ night.
Located on 28 . 1/2 mile from finish


NY STATE DEC CAMPGROUNDS at North-South Lake, Devil’s Tombstone
(near Phoenicia), Wilson State Park (Woodstock/Mt. Tremper), and
Woodland Valley (near Phoenicia). See website for NY State DEC.
To reserve, go to http://www.reserveamerica.com/.

Also, try Brookside Campground in Kiskatom (near Palenville).

There are also several campgrounds in Phoenicia.


Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast Hotel
43 State Route 296
Windham, NY, 12496

Catskill Lodge Bed and Breakfast
350 Rte 296
Windham, NY, 12496

Copper Kettle Motel and Cottages
5098 Rte 23
Windham, NY, 12496

Nickerson Park Campground, Inc.
378 Stryker Rd.
Gilboa, NY, 12076


The Woodstock Inn on the Millstream
48 Tannery Brook Rd., Woodstock, 12498
845-679-8211 or 845-420-4707


Directions to Start in Windham
1. From the NY Thruway, Exit 20: Go through toll, and take a left onto 212 West at the light, back over the highway and quickly take a right onto 32 North. Go about 7 or 8 mi. to a fork in the road. Bear left onto 32A and continue until the road ends at a light in Palenville. Make a left onto 23A. (When you reach the end of the town, you will see where the Palenville aid station will be at the DEC lot on your right and the short road section which you will run on to get over the Kaaterskill Creek). Continue to wind uphill on 23A.  Continue straight to Tannersville, passing by the road to North-South Lake, Rte 18, in Haines Falls. Make a right onto 23C North at the light in the center of Tannersville (Hill St.). Bear left at the stone church to stay on 23C and then bear left at the next fork. Continue several more miles to Rte 40 (large flag). Make a right turn onto Rte 40 (Maplecrest Rd). Follow to the town of Maplecrest, then turn right onto Big Hollow Rd. and the start is a mile down on the left side at CD Lane Park (Batavia Kill Rec. Area).
2. From the NY Thruway, Exit 21: Go through the toll, take a left at the light, and then the right exit onto 23 West. After about 20 mi., turn left onto 296 South into the village of Hensonville (less than a mile). Then continue straight (instead of turning right) and go straight or right onto Rte 40 (Maplecrest Rd). Go about a mile to Maplecrest and turn left onto Rte 56, Big Hollow Rd. The start will be on the left at a private residence at 591 Big Hollow Rd. (You can also take 65A off Rte 23 into Hensonville if you can find it).

Directions to the Finish/Bus in Phoenicia (much easier):
1. From the Thruway, North or South to Exit 19 (Kingston, Woodstock):
After the toll, bear right at the traffic circle onto 28 West. Drive about 20 miles. You have 2 options: Option 1: You can make a right towards Mt. Tremper onto 212 (signs to Mt Tremper and Zen Mtn Monastery) and then left onto Rte 40 (Plank Rd) after crossing the Esoopus, which will take you to Phoenicia. The Parish House is across from the church on your right as you enter town, white building. The Phoenicia Pharmacy lot where you can get the bus is in the middle of the town. Option 2: Go all the way to Phoenicia and make a sharp right onto Main St., and continue into town. The Parish Hall will be at the end of the village on your left coming this way. The Pharmacy is also on your left as you come into town.
2. From the Thruway, Exit 20 or 21: From Exit 20, you could take 212 West through Woodstock to Rte 40 (Plank Rd), then make a right and continue to Phoenicia. Or you could take 23A from Catskill/Palenville through Tannersville from Exit 21, and make a left onto 214, following it all the way down to Phoenicia.

Aid Station #1: 3 mi east from the start at the end of Big Hollow Rd.
AS #2: It probably doesn’t make sense to go here. To reach AS#2, drive from the start back to Rte 40 on Big Hollow Rd, turn right, get onto 296, and make a right onto 23 East. After about 10 mi., turn right at Acra Manor onto Rte 31, Heart’s Content Rd. Go south to Maple Lawn Rd. and make a right.  Make a left at the end of the road and a quick right onto Stork’s Nest Road.  Continue to the parking area at the end of the road. You will then have to hike 1.9 mi steeply uphill to reach the aid station.
AS #3: North-South Lake. From the start, drive from the start  on Big Hollow Rd back to Rte 40. Make a left onto Rte 40. Make a left onto 23C. Bear right at the forks. Make a left onto 23A east in Tannersville. In Haines Falls, make a left onto North Lake Rd. (Rte 18). Continue to the gate. YOU MUST PAY TO ENTER. THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE RACE FEE. YOU MUST HAVE DOCUMENTS FOR PETS.  Follow signs to the parking area at the beach on North Lake. The aid station will be in the picnic grove across from the beach to the left as you enter the parking area.
AS #4. Palenville. CREW AND SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT PALENVILLE AS. From AS #3, Go out through the gate onto Rte 18 and follow back to Haines Falls, then make a left onto 23A headed east, through all the switchbacks past Bastion Falls. Before entering Palenville, there is a small parking area for the Long Path on the left. This is where the aid station is located.  There is no crew or spectator parking at the Palenville aid station. We will post a map of available parking places in the village when we get closer to the race date. Do not park along 23A.
AS #5. Platte Clove. There are several ways to reach Platte Clove from Palenville. You can go west through Tannersville on 23A. Make a left towards Rte 16 (opposite 23C in town) or further on you can turn left onto Bloomer Rd. Either way, you will reach Platte Clove Rd., which is the continuation of Rte 16 east. Continue about 8 mi. The aid station is in a large DEC parking lot on the left. Not very well marked. Unfortunately, it fills early in the summer and people park on the road, too. DO NOT BLOCK THE ROAD OR THE ENTRANCE DRIVEWAY TO THE LOT. Be courteous and do not litter. (This is a sensitive area in terms of private landholders).
OR go east through Palenville on 23A to the light. Make a right and then another sharp right onto Malden Ave. Make a left onto Woodstock Ave., which becomes Manorville Rd. Take Manorville Rd. south all the way to Platte Clove Rd. Make a right and go steeply 2 mi. uphill. This is a very narrow, very steep road. When you top out, the aid station lot will be on your right, in a large DEC parking lot.  Not very well marked.  It fills early in the summer and people park on the road, too.  DO NOT BLOCK THE ROAD OR THE ENTRANCE DRIVEWAY TO THE LOT.  Be courteous and do not litter (This is a sensitive area in terms of private landholders).
From AS#5 at Platte Clove, turn right (west) onto Route 16, Platte Clove Rd., retrace your steps back about 6 or 7 mi. Turn sharply left onto Elka Park Rd. and follow to Mink Hollow Rd. Turn right and go to the end of the road. From the parking area, you will have to hike uphill over a rocky trail for 0.5 mi. to reach the aid station. You may get your feet wet, and, if you are up to it, you may be asked to carry some water up to the aid station.
AS #7. Silver Hollow Notch. To get to this aid station, you need to head west on 23A to 214 and take 214 south towards Phoenicia.  Turn left onto Notch Inn Rd. and park at the turn off 214S.  From here, you must hike uphill to the aid station, first on dirt road and then on trail, about 0.9 mi. Or from Phoenicia, head north on 214 and turn right on Notch Inn Rd.
AS #8.  Willow.  At the junction of the Long Path and Willow Trail.  You must hike 1.5 miles up 1200 ft. to reach this aid station, and parking is difficult.  Probably not a good idea.
AS #9. Rte 40, Plank Rd. 1.5 mi. from the finish area. There is parking diagonally up the street for about 2 cars. This is just an unmanned water stop where runners pick up fluorescent vests and belts.
To get to the finish area from Tannersville or Platte Clove, head back to 23A headed west. Make a left onto 214. It’s about 15 miles to Phoenicia. Make a left onto Main St. The Parish Hall will be on your left. (You can park across the street).

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